• Monster Monster Monster, The New York Times bestselling novel and first Michael L. Printz award winner, is celebrating 15 years in publication this year!
  • Darius & Twig Darius & Twig Darius & Twig, a novel about friendship and needing to live one's own dream is a 2014 Coretta Scott King Honor Book.
  • Bad Boy Bad Boy As a boy, Walter Dean Myers was quick-tempered and always ready for a fight. He also read voraciously. He would check out books from the library and carry them home, hidden in brown paper bags in order to avoid other boys' teasing. Bad Boy is his story.
  • Fallen Angels Fallen Angels Myer's seminal coming-of-age tale, Fallen Angels, set in the trenches of the Vietman war, was recently released as an ebook for the first time by Zola Books.
  • Invasion Invasion "In Invasion, Myers has done peace an inestimable service by showing so vividly what a truly terrible idea war is." - Booklist (starred review)
  • Just Write Just Write "Walter Dean Myers offers a wealth af advice that is professional and pragmatic and often couched in the context of his own work. Feeling that books saved his life, Myers now gives his readers the same opportunity through his advice and his large-hearted example." - Booklist


I think my life is special. In a way it seems odd that I spend all of my time doing only what I love, which is writing or thinking about writing. If everyone had, at least for part of their lives, the opportunity to live the way I do, I think the world would be a better place.

I believe that everyone is intelligent. I believe that everyone can be creative. I like just about everyone I meet. For me, life has been good and it’s up to me to appreciate it. I hope that the next book, story or poem that I write will be worthy of the time the reader spends with it. If it is then my life is successful. If it’s not, then I’ll try again.

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